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Brandy and her pups, born on September 13, 2005

On November 16, 2005, the Chinook community learned that there were nine Chinook mixbred puppies in a shelter in Maine.  The puppies were relinquished to the shelter at 6 weeks old when the young woman who raised the litter could no longer afford to care for them and she couldn't find homes. The shelter did not contact any rescue organization because it is not their policy to do so.  Representatives of the Chinook Owners Association (COA) Rescue immediately offered to take the puppies, but the shelter initially declined the offer of help and adopted out three of the puppies.  After additional discussions with COA Rescue coordinators, the shelter agreed to release the remaining six puppies to COA Rescue.

The COA has been in touch with the young woman who raised the litter - a 17 year old girl who enlisted her field hockey team to help socialize the puppies.  While she has been unable to provide us with exact details related to the lineage of the mother of the litter, Brandy, she believes her dog to be a purebred Chinook.  She got the dog from her uncle, who purchased Brandy's mother from a breeder.  The young woman says the father is a neighborhood German Shepard mix.  A neighbor alleges this German Shepard is mixed with St. Bernard.  The young woman has provided us with photos of the litter and her dog.  There were 11 puppies in the litter.  The young woman placed two before the litter went to the shelter.

Thanks to the kindness of the entire Chinook Community, we were able to find wonderful loving homes for all six puppies within a week's time.  The puppies have made easy transitions into their new homes and are making their new families very happy.  We've also heard from two of the homes who adopted a pup directly from the shelter.  We're excited to have made that connection and hope to eventually make contact with the remaining puppy owner.

Pups at 2 days old
Pups at 4 weeks old

We are extremely grateful for the open minds of the staff at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society.  Instead of holding to a rigid standard, they talked out what was best for these puppies and agreed to bend the rules to release them.  Please take a moment to thank them by sending a card or cash donation. 

Kennebec Valley Humane Society
10 Pet Haven Lane
Augusta, ME 04330

Here the pups are just shy of five weeks old.  This is a great photo because you can identify most of the pups.  Lofty is in the top left corner.  "Maggie" is in the center, with "Tavin" standing next to her.  The four in the front from left to right are Gemma, Caleb, Piper and Holly.
Here, we have Lyle and Holly in front, with Maggie and Lofty in the back and Gemma on the far right.  The pup in the middle was placed before the pups were relinquished to the COA - he sure looks like a classic Chinook pup!

Tavin at 5 weeks
Lyle at 5 weeks

You can see photos of the pups below and learn where they've landed.  The names that were given to them at the shelter are listed along with their new names.

"Leaf"- male - Adopted! - New Name "Tavin"
Tavin has moved in with Bill and Rose Lane in Massachusetts.  He is lives with a Chinook Cross named Cody.  Cody and Tavin are inseparable and play all the time.  Tavin is sweet and very smart and loved by all who meet him!

Bill & Rose with Tavin on adoption day

"Lexus" - female - Adopted! - New Name -"Holly"
Holly has settled in western Massachusetts with the Bigos family.  She has been named Holly because she made the family's holiday season!  Holly made fast friends with the household dogs – playing with the younger one and cuddling with the older one.  She’s also been making friends with the cat, which is taking time, but relations are thawing out.  Her new owners are VERY happy with her great personality, playfulness and attitude.

"Lofty" - male - Adopted - New Name "Leif"
Leif has finally made it safely home to Ohio to live with his new family, the Goists.  Leif joins a Chinook, Cloudburst Spice, a Golden and his new child, Ashley.  He'll be living close by to a bunch of other Chinooks and will get to play with them as well.  Thanks to Susan Cunningham for providing temporary shelter to Leif for two weeks and for Laura Morgan to safely transporting him 10 hours nearer to his new home.



Leif and Spice sleeping

"Logan" - male - Adopted - New Name - "Piper"
Piper has also moved to Massachusetts to reside with the Alberts on the south shore.  He's made fast friends with two-year old Husky/Lab mix, Cora, and has settled easily into his new home.

Cora & Piper

Jeff and Sarah with Piper

"Londyn" - male - Adopted! - New Name "Lyle"
Lyle is in central Massachusetts, living with the Geshwiler's.  The Geshwiler’s are good friends of Steve and Shannon Giordano who have Rivertrail Scout.  Lyle is doing very well in his new home and his owners are rightfully smitten with him!  Lyle settling in with an 11 year old Lab mix, a couple of cats and a turtle.   He gets to have regular play dates with Scout which make him very happy!


Lyle's new mom, Erin, is a vet!

"Lynx" - male - available - Adopted!- New Name "Caleb"
Caleb now lives with the Navaroli's in New Hampshire.  He shares his life with another Chinook, Maddie, a German Shepard, horses, sheep and wonderful children who dote on him. 


We are thrilled that we have located two of the three pups that were adopted directly from the shelter.  We only have one more puppy to locate!

Maggie - Adopted from the Shelter
Maggie lives in Old Town, Maine.



Gemma - Adopted from the Shelter
Gemma lives in Union, Maine



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