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GreatMountain Breeding Plans for 2014-15
We are taking applications for anticipated 2015 litters.  Included on this list are breedings that will take place at different kennels around the country that involve dogs produced and co-owned by GreatMountain.  We are mentoring these new breeders and helping them place their puppies in suitable homes.


Breeding Successful!   We're pleased to be announce that GR CH 'PR' GreatMountain Cutler DNA-VIP (PennHIP 60th Percentile, CERF normal, free of seizures) has been bred to CH 'PR' Forever Greene Kiniksuq "Kyra" (OFA Fair, CERF Normal, free of seizures) and is expecting at least 5 puppies.  Cutler is a phenomenal dog with more titles than you can imagine - for scent work, back-packing, temperament...too long to list them all!  This will be his third and final breeding.  He's produced some wonderful pups in the past.  The litter will be born in mid-December, with puppies heading to new homes in mid-February.   This litter will be born in CO.  We are entitled to the second pick puppy back from this litter and are looking for a home that will keep a male or female intact for breeding.  If you have an interest in talking with us about offering a home to a breeding Chinook, contact us at    Click here to view the pedigree for this litter.  




Breeding Accomplished!    Daybreak GreatMtn Downeast Sky (OFA Excellent, passing CERF, free of seizures) was bred at the end of October to GreatMountain Macwahoc "Mac" (OFA Good, passing CERF, free of seizures).  If successful, these pups will be born around the New Year and will go to new homes late February or early March. This litter will be born in MA.  This will be a GreatMountain litter and we are placing the pups from it. If you have an interest in talking with us about this, contact us at chinooks@roadrunner.comClick here to see the pedigree for this breeding. And, check out Mac's beautiful daughter from his first breeding, Mountain Thunder Terra Tomah here.


Planned Breeding! We're excited to announce the planned breeding of Lakeside Run Lucy of GreatMountain - aka "Lucy" (OFA Good, CERF normal, free of seizures) to a sire yet to be named...but we're close to naming!  Lucy has had two litters and is a terrific mom who produces sweet tempered offspring, many who excel in harness.  This litter will be born in Maine.  This will be a GreatMountain litter and we are placing the pups from it. If you have an interest in talking with us about this, contact us at

Planned Breeding! We' may breed NBOB GR CH 'PR' GreatMountain Redington Guide (aka Red) (OFA Good, Passing CERF, free of seizures) to a stud to be determined this fall.  These pups will be born at GreatMountain Farm in Lewiston.   If you have an interest in talking with us about this litter, contact us at

We have several other breedings in development.  Check back here soon!

To potential puppy owners: Our pups will be available for placement when they reach 8 weeks of age. They will be appropriately socialized with other animals, children, adults and new environments. They will be temperament tested and evaluated for conformation to the breed standard. Click here to read about our conformation evaluations. They will be DNA-VIP. GreatMountain puppies also come with a one year membership to the Chinook Owners Association. All of our puppies are placed with contracts.  Because it is our goal to match the right puppy with the right home, we never make placement promises until we evaluate the personality of the puppy.  We chose placements for all puppies and do not allow owners to "pick" their pup.  This is a new concept to many dog owners, so we like to set it out up front so there will be no surprises!

Please read our kennel philosophy. Our goal in breeding is to produce healthy Chinooks with outstanding temperament, drive and conformation. A healthy, well-structured dog will serve you well whether you want a snuggly couch potato, a hiking companion, a competitive show dog or a recreational sled dog. Our dogs are all this and more and we look for studs who compliment each dog's unique strengths. 

If you have questions about whether a Chinook puppy is right for you, please read the FAQs on the Chinook Owners Association website before deciding on this breed.  and

If you would like to receive an application, please email us

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